After creating your Crystal Wallet and backing up your secret words, you will be able to add new tokens to your wallet.

Let's take USDT as an example for this guide. The root contract address of USDT is 0:5b325f4f364366d9b3fe46cc77f622b013da7a7edf99a3d5d25e5510dca50d13.

Please note: the process is the same for other TIP3 tokens you might want to add to your wallet, just make sure you are using the correct root contract address.

  1. Click on the “Add” button

  1. Select “Add TIP3 token” and use the following root contract address: 0:5b325f4f364366d9b3fe46cc77f622b013da7a7edf99a3d5d25e5510dca50d13

  1. You will automatically see USDT getting added to your list of tokens.

Please note: if you receive USDT to your wallet address even if you had not added the token manually, the token will be automatically added.