First, tap the “Exchange” button on the main screen.

There, you will see the “Buy crypto with card” button. You know what you should do.

The bot will ask you to select the coin to buy. In this example, we will purchase some ethers.

Next, you will get a unique link to buy some sweet ethers. Tap on it.

You will see a popup afterward, just select “Yes” and you will be redirected to Broxus website.

Now it’s time to select the amount and payment currency.

Please note that currently, the minimum amount is $50, but we are working on making it lower. After you are ready to go on, tap “Continue”.

Now you can input your bank card data in the safe environment of our processing partner.

Please note you should verify yourself to complete the purchase. After you do this, tap “Pay now”.

We’re almost over now! The only thing left is to input your bank’s safety code (if you have 3DS activated) to let our processing partner charge your card.

What will happen next?

You will get a notification in @broxusbot as soon as your payment is completed (or declined).

Please note that after payment completion notification it will take some time (normally, a few minutes) to deliver your crypto, so be patient. You will see an additional notification about an incoming transfer, and that’s your sweet crypto!

If you are experiencing any trouble with performing the order, we are always there to help you at @broxus_chat!