Now you can transfer TIP3 TON tokens to ETH ERC20 tokens and vice versa.

TIP3 type tokens appear in your wallet when you send tokens from ETH to the Free TON Blockchain while ERC20 tokens appear in your Ethereum wallet when you transfer from the Free TON Blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain.

To transfer ERC20 tokens, you must have any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens installed: MetaMask, WalletConnect.

This tutorial uses MetaMask and the Chrome extension of Crystal Wallet.

Connect to Metamask
Connect to Crystal Wallet

How to transfer the tokens of Free TON Blockchain to ETH:

  • Open the site TON Bridge

  • Click Connect my wallet, then select the tokens at the top right: TON-ETH

  • Select the token and amount you wish to transfer through the bridge

  • Click on Next

  • Confirm your ETH address (the address from your metamask will be automatically filled)

  • Click Next, then review the information of your transfer. If everything matches, click on Transfer tokens.

A pop-up will open on your Crystal wallet, click on Send if you confirm the action.

Once you have confirmed this transfer, the following screen will be displayed. Make sure you have enough ETH on your wallet to cover the transaction on ERC20 blockchain then click on Broadcast at the bottom of the screen.

  • A pop-up will open on your metamask wallet, click on Confirm.

  • Wait for enough blocks for the transaction to be confirmed. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will see the sign Done next to broadcast and you will see your funds on your metamask.

  • When the transaction is confirmed, you can check the submission in the transaction history of your wallet.