Glad to see that you decided to join us and use our amazing Crystal Wallet! To get started, install the Chrome Extension here!

You will have two options once you have install the extension: 1. Create a new wallet 2. Import an existing wallet using your seed phrase

Let's start with how to create a new wallet on our Chrome Extension!

1. Start by selecting the option "Create a new wallet"
2. Read and accept the decentralization policy
3. Select the type of wallet you wish to create

SafeMultisig: basic multisignature wallet, does not permit contract code modification. Is required if you use validator scripts. SetcodeMultisigWallet: more advanced multisignature wallet. 

4. Save the seed phrase displayed once you have selected your type of wallet!

5. Enter the correct words from the seed phrase on the next screen

6. Enter a password and sign into your wallet
7. Congratulations you created your wallet!

If you wish to import your existing wallet instead, please follow these instructions:

1. Select "Sign in with seed phrase"
2. Read and accept the decentralization policy
3. Select your existing wallet type
4. Enter your seed phrase
5. Enter a password
6. Congratulations, you logged into your wallet!