With our new version of the Google Chrome Extension of TON Crystal Wallet, you can manage multiple seed phrases and accounts without having to logout!

After clicking on the avatar, select "Manage seeds & accounts"

A new pop-up will open, listing all your available seed phrases

How to add an additional seed phrase to your account?

1. On the newly opened pop-up, click on "Add new"
2. Enter a name for your seed phrase and select what you would like to do

Create new seed: this will create a new wallet Import seed: this will allow you to import a 12 words seed phrase Import legacy seed: this will allow you to import a 24 words seed phrase

3. Enter the words of your seed phrase one by one
4. Enter your password to confirm the addition of the seed phrase
5. Once the seed phrase has been added, you will be able to see the public key and name of this new seed phrase

If you wish to export the seed phrase for one of the added seeds, follow these instructions:

1. Select the seed phrase you would like to export
2. Click on Export seed, then confirm the action with your password

Here you go, the seed phrase will then be displayed and you can save it!

If you wish to create a new account, please follow these instructions:

1. Cycle with the arrows to see this screen then click on the + to add an account
2. Select if you wish to create a new account or add an existing one

If you decide to create an account:

Enter the name of the account
Select the type of wallet then click on Create account
The newly created account will be displayed on the slider!

To add an existing account:

Enter your multisig address
The added account will be displayed on the slider!